ITS Standard Electrode Holder factory

ModelEquivalent modelMaterialProduct nameACBMOQ
PA-50001DER-009223 / ER-010793
Import 7 Series Aluminum Alloy
U15 AL Holder51mm15.5mm41mm12PCS
PA-50002DU20 AL Holder51mm20.5mm41mm12PCS
50003DU25 AL Holder51mm25.5mm41mm12PCS
Application gallery:
Q1: what is the benefit I can get from Aluminum material electrode holder?
A1: Aluminum holder is very light, it will save a lot of shipping cost compare to Stainless steel and brass material.
Q2: is this Aluminum holder suitable to carry all kind of workpiece?
A2: for Aluminum, we only advice customer to use it with very soft workpiece like graphite.
Q3: Is this conductivity better than Stainless steel material?
A3: Yes, the nature of the Aluminum decided that the conductivity is better than Stainless steel, therefore, the efficiency on EDM machining will also better than Stainless steel. ITS Standard Electrode Holder factory